With KleiderSpot, you can categorise your own clothes and create a digital inventory

App IdeA


The app allows you to categorise all the clothes you own in order to obtain a digital inventory of them. This is to avoid buying similar items of clothing a second time and to better keep track of own pieces. Users would use KleiderSpot primarily for the following two reasons:

Keeping Overview

For all those who sometimes lose track of their wardrobe or people who want to get new outfit suggestions.

Avoiding unnecessary purchases

For people who want to avoid unnecessary purchases through the app and donate unworn clothes.



After the app has been downloaded, the clothes must be photographed and thus created in the app. (New clothes can simply be scanned in). They can be categorised by type of clothing, style or preferred season, for example. In addition, suggestions are made for outfits, i.e. which items could be combined. Furthermore, items of clothing can be donated directly from the app if they are no longer needed.







The innovative app idea called KleiderSpot helps to organise your own wardrobe and ensures that no items of clothing are forgotten.


Keep track of your wardrobe no matter where you are. 

The app shows you which items are already in your wardrobe at home in case you are out and can't look up if that piece is still in your wardrobe.

Discover new 

Thanks to the app's suggestions, you can discover new outfits and styles for yourself and reinvent yourself.

Save Money, Protect The EnvironmEnt

Since you always have access to your inventory, when you shop you know if you already own a similar item and can avoid buying a similar garment. This saves money and protects the environment.

Donate unworn Clothes

Thanks to a donation function, you can donate clothes you no longer wear directly from the app. 

Save time: Spend less time picking out your clothes and spend the time you save on other things.



The main features of KleiderSpot are as follows:


The various categorisation of the dresses provide a better overview.

Outfit suggestions

Outfits are suggested to the app user according to style, season, occasion, etc. The user might receive new inspiration by the KleiderSpot App.

Product Suggestions
Users receive product suggestions from well-known online shops to complete/add to outfits.

With Kleiderspot, points can be collected by scanning the clothing. These points are credited in the form of a voucher and can be redeemed by the user.


One's own wardrobe can be shared with others and thus one also gets more reach via the app.

Clothing Donations

Clothes can also be donated directly via the app.

Use Case

Julia is 23 and studies psychology. She likes to dress fashionably and according to the latest styles, but is still environmentally conscious. For this, she needs an appropriately large wardrobe. However, it happens to Julia time and again that she buys clothes even though she already has very similar ones in her wardrobe. She simply forgets about them. A pity for the money and the environment. 

That should come to an end. Julia gets the app KleiderSpot. With KleiderSpot she can categorise all her clothes and create her own "inventory".

Julia downloads the app and starts it. She starts taking pictures of her clothes and classifying them in the respective categories. After every 10th entry, Julia collects points, which motivates her to enter even more - she really has fun arranging her inventory digitally. After a few hours, she has categorised her entire collection of clothes by type, style, warmth and colour. She can even add new garments with a quick scan of the receipt. Clothes she no longer needs can be donated immediately in the app. Super. She can also share her wardrobe - she'll leave that for now.

But KleiderSpot can do even more. Once entered, the app provides different outfits according to colour and season, depending on what you want. It is also possible to filter by style - and matching products from well-known online shops are displayed.

Julia is happy, she has to spend less time looking for matching clothes and also saves her wallet and the environment. In addition, she can simply donate clothes that are no longer used.


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